Ben Norman

Digital Developer


Newcastle, NSW




A little about me.

Hi! I'm Ben, and I make apps and websites. I've been learning and working in web development since I was 16, and getting paid for it ever since I realised that was a thing. These days I work at Headjam, a creative agency in the heart of Newcastle that does some amazing work (seriously, check them out).

My current hobbies including Javascript and canvas development, deep-fry cooking reality shows, and quoting half-remembered The Simpsons episodes.


The things I love to do.


The bread and butter for a front-end developer. Informed HTML structure and adherence to best-practices can have enormous benefits for a site's SEO, and precompilers such as SASS make creating modular, maintainable CSS a breeze.


Javascript & JS Frameworks

With ES2015, Javascript is becoming a more modern, reliable language. Frameworks such as React and AngularJS, combined with build tools like Webpack and Gulp, allow for rapid development of clean, feature-rich apps.



Hybrid apps allow for fast, reliable development of mobile apps that works across multiple platforms, while still providing acess to specific device capabilities such as geolocation, file storage, and sensors.


Node.js & APIs

Node.js is a platform for building scalable network applications. It is extremely useful for developing APIs. APIs provide a standardised, secure communication channel between a data source and client applications.


Places that paid me to do this stuff.
2013 – Present


Senior Digital Developer

Newcastle, NSW

Headjam is a full service creative agency based in Newcastle. Our clients are primarily in the health, education, arts, and community sectors. We produce some really exciting and challenging work for these clients; everything from custom websites to bespoke hybrid mobile apps.

2012 – 2013


Web Developer

Port Stephens, NSW

BYBO is a web design agency based in Port Stephens. I got to work with small business owners throughout process of establishing their online presence; from concept and wireframing to development and implementation.

2010 – 2012


Communications Manager

Newcastle, NSW

The newly-created position of Communications Manager involved bringing all the internal and external marketing and communications material up to scratch and into line for this local engineering firm. I also assisted stakeholders to develop proposals for major projects going to tender.

2008 – 2010


Online Manager

Sydney, NSW

As a part of WWF's Climate Change team, I got to work with many WWF national offices around the world. We produced print, broadcast, and online media content, and developed strategies to increase our programme's visibility, grow our user-base, and promote online user-engagement.

2007 – 2013


Front-end Developer

Newcastle, NSW

As a freelancer I worked primarily with non-profits, including international organisations such as TckTckTck and WWF and local organisations such as CEN and Eco Change. I developed digital and online media such as digital product brochures, websites, and media strategies.


My expensive bits of paper.
2015 – 2016


Diploma of Software Development


I worked full-time while completing a Diploma of Software Development through a Registered Training Organisation. For my final assignment I developed an API that queried New York Stock Exchange data in real-time and provided the data to bespoke desktop and mobile clients.

2004 – 2008

University of Newcastle

Bachelor of Communications (Honours)

Newcastle, Australia

At the University of Newcastle, I studied for a Bachelor of Communications, double-majoring in Journalism and Media Production. For my honours thesis I completed a study on usability in web design for a Hunter New England Area Health nephrology clinic's website.